LOCUS Benefits Process

The LOCUS process brings together a cross-section of community stakeholders who are working to define the public and community benefits that the Union Square community needs to see as a result of real estate development that will take place in the district over the next 30 years.  This group is also tasked with taking action to make those benefits a reality and creating lasting mechanisms of accountability to ensure that they benefits are obtained.

The members of the LOCUS working group are listed below, as well as an specific areas of focus and contact information.  To reach any member on this list, even those with no email listed publicly, please contact Victoria Maguire ( or Erik Neu (





(Other than "General")



Joe Beckmann

Member of Union Square Civic Advisory Committee (CAC) and Sustainable Neighborhood Working Group. Co-founder of Progressive Democrats of Somerville.

Tom Bent 

Somerville’s representative to the Metropolitan Planning Organization. Member, Somerville Chamber of Commerce. SomerVision Steering Committee. Local business owner, Bent Electric.    
Regina Bertholdo

Director, Parent Information Center. District Liaison for Homeless Students. Multilingual Services Coordinator. Member, Somerville Homelessness Task Force. Member, Somerville Family Learning Collaborative.

Jennifer Blundell

Co-Chair, Union Square Civic Advisory Committee. Finance professional advising banks and investment firms, and Union Square resident.

Ben Echeverria

Member, Union United. Acting Director, The Welcome Project. SomerVision Steering Committee.
Glen Ferdman

Director of Libraries, City of Somerville.

Library/Community Space
Irma Flores
Member, Union Square Civic Advisory Committee. SomerViva Spanish Language Liaison. Former Somerville Public Schools family liaison. Community/parent organizer, Sociedad Latina.
Bill Gage
Member, Somerville Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors.

David Gibbs
Member, Union United. Executive Director, Community Action Agency of Somerville.
Seth Grady
Representative, Union Square Partners LLC, owners of former Post Office building.
Esther Hanig
Executive Director, Union Square Main Streets. Member, Union Square Civic Advisory Committee.
Business Community, Preserving the character of Union Square, Economic vitality of Union Square
Scott Hayman
Somerville Community Corporation


Stephanie Hirsch
Lincoln Park Neighbors. Argenziano School Council. Data analyst. Union Square resident.
Schools, Recreation, Family
Jennifer Lawrence
Former Director of Groundwork Somerville. Sustainability Planner for City of Cambridge. SomerVision Steering Committee.
Patrick McCormick
Former President, Somerville Homeless Coalition Board. Member, Union Square Civic Advisory Committee.
Smart City Infrastructure, Homelessness, Low Income Housing

Patrick McMahon Board Member, Planning Office for Urban Affairs. Staff, Federal Realty Investment Trust. 

Erik Neu

Graduate, Somerville Academy for Innovative Leadership (SAIL). Member, Union Square Civic Advisory Committee.
CBA Process and Accountability, Place Management Organization, Family Housing

Courtney O’Keefe 
Representative, Somerville Local First. Member, Union Square Civic Advisory Committee.

Philip Parsons

Principal, Parsons Consulting Group. Member, Union Square Civic Advisory Committee    
Emily Reichart
Executive Director of Greentown Labs. Member, Union Square Civic Advisory Committee.
Cheri Ruane
President, Boston Society of Landscape Architects. Union Square resident.
Jhenny Saint-Surin
SomerViva Haitian Creole Language Liaison 
Renee Scott
Founding Member, Green and Open Somerville.
Green and Open Space

Derek Seabury
Executive Director, Artisans Asylum.
Anne Tate

Architect and Professor at RISD. Co-Chair, Union Square Civic Advisory Committee.
Ileana Tauscher
Associate, Urban Land Institute. Leadership Council Member, Peer Health Exchange.

Frank Valdes
Member, AIA. Architect for SCC’s 181 Washington Street project. Walnut Street resident.

Don Warner

Select Development Corporation. Owner, former Union Square police station. SomerVision Steering Committee.

Real Estate, Development, Urban Design

Bennie Wheat
Steering Committee Chair, Union United.
Housing, Homelessness,  Jobs, Community accountability structures


Wig Zamore

Co-Chair, Union Square Civic Advisory Committee. Mystic View Task Force. Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership. SomerVision Steering Committee.