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CAC Membership

Current Members
Name Affiliation  Description  Member Since
Wig Zamore  CAC Co-chair
Resident and community advocate.  MIT-trained urban development expert. A founding and active member of Mystic View Task Force and Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership (STEP)  1/2014
Anne Tate (Co-chair)  CAC Co-chair
Architect and Professor at University of Rhode Island School of Design  1/2014
Joe Beckmann  Resident Co-founder of Progressive Democrats of Somerville and OutSomerville. Beckmann is a former Somerville Public Schools consultant.   1/2014
Angelica Benatti  Local Business Owner of Master Printing & Signs in Union Square. Member of Union United and native of Brazil.  2/2015
Jennifer Blundell  Resident An experienced finance professional who has served in an advisory capacity to a number of institutions and corporations.   2/2015
Susan Callahan  Resident Middlesex Registry of Deeds Head Executive.  Callahan is an attorney and former City Solicitor.  She is a lifelong resident of Union Square.  1/2014
Pokye Casserly
  Local Business
Owner of Reliable Market in Union Square.  Member of Union United and the Somerville Chamber of Commerce.   2/2015
Fr. Richard Curran  St. Joseph’s Church St. Joseph’s Church. Member of Union United and active participant in past CAC meetings on issues affecting St. Joseph parishioners.   2/2015
Mike Dacey   Fringe Union Founder of Repeat Press. Dacey is a representative of Fringe Union  1/2014
Eric Fellinger
Union Square Main Streets (USMS) President of Board of Directors. Fellinger is a transportation planner.  Member of USN.   1/2014
Irma Flores SomerViva,
ESL Community
City of Somerville’s Spanish language SomerViva liaison and school-based family and community liaison.   Parent organizer for Sociedad Latina. Native of El Salvador.   2/2015
Esther Hanig  USMS Executive Director of Union Square Main Streets.   2/2015
Scott Hayman  SCC The Somerville Community Corporation’s (SCC) Director of Housing  1/2014
Greg Jenkins  Somerville Arts Council Executive Director of the Somerville Arts Council.  1/2014
Angelina Jockovich   Local Business Co-owner of Casa B in Union Square. Jockovich is an architect by trade specializing in construction management, architectural design and sustainable design, and is a native of Colombia.  1/2014
Chris Mancini  Groundwork Somerville Executive Director of Groundwork Somerville. Member of Union United, the steering committees of Mystic River Watershed and Shape Up Somerville, and the Somerville Food Security Coalition.   2/2015
Pat McCormick  Resident Senior Consultant for Public Consulting Group, former President of the Somerville Homeless Coalition board, and former CIO for the City of Somerville (2000-2004).  1/2014
Erik Neu  Resident Graduate of the Somerville Academy for Innovative Leadership (SAIL). A management consultant with experience with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, healthcare, and startups.  Member of USN.  1/2014
Philip Parsons  Resident Principal at Parsons Consulting Group.  Formerly of Sasaki Associates, a leading international planning and design firm. Parson's specialties include comprehensive planning, urban design and planning, landscape architecture and LEED AP.  Member of USN.  1/2014
Emily Reichert   Greentown Labs Executive Director of Greentown Labs in Union Square. Experience with green tech, the maker movement and manufacturing   2/2015
Courtney O'Keefe  Somerville
Local First

Executive Director of Somerville Local First  2/2015
Rebecca Schrumm   Chamber of Commerce Somerville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Vice Chairman and Green Committee Chairman.  Schrumm is a financial advisor.  1/2014
Derek Seabury  Artisan’s Asylum President of Artisan’s Asylum.   2/2015
Shu Talun   USN Designer and project architect.  Founding member of Union Square Neighbors (USN).  Native of Singapore   2/2015
Gordon Wong   Resident Graduate of the Somerville Academy for Innovative Leadership (SAIL). A data management specialist and Director of Business Intelligence at Fitbit.  1/2014

Past Members

 Name Affiliation  Description
Robyn Champion   Resident Long-time Prospect Hill resident. Champion is a former professional transportation consultant and deputy director of Executive and Continuing Professional Education at Harvard School of Public Health.
Mimi Graney   USMS Former Executive Director of Union Square Main Streets.
Ken Kelly   Local Business Co-owner of The Independent and Brass Union in Union Square.  Kelly serves on the Union Square Main Streets Board of Directors, is a member of the Somerville Chamber of Commerce and is an advocate on Union Square issues.
Karen Mancini   Resident Former Assistant Purchasing Director for City of Somerville.
Molly Rubenstein Artisan’s Asylum Executive Director of Artisan’s Asylum. 
Kat Rutkin  Somerville
Local First

Executive Director of Somerville Local First